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John Maxwell are going to be a well-known name to you if you read non-fiction books on leadership or team management. he’s an author, pastor, professional speaker, then on altogether. many people have attended his seminars. and lots of more have read his inspirational and helpful books everywhere the planet .

Now, if you would like to understand more about this prominent author and speaker, then you’ve got stumbled upon the proper post on the web . during this post, we’ll be sharing a spread of data about John Maxwell. So, if you’re a lover of him, you’ll keep reading the remainder of the post.

John Maxwell features a bright and celebrated career. he’s one among the foremost popular experts in leadership and management. He usually appears in various seminars and events regularly, where you’ll find him giving thought-provoking speeches.

Along with that, he has written an outsized number of books. Among them, a couple of of the books were sold over many copies. it’s estimated that quite 30 million copies of his books were sold.

So, you’ll see that he has accumulated tons of wealth within the meantime. Reportedly, John C Maxwell features a net worth of about 12 million USD at the instant .

John was born on February 20, 1947. His birth location was in Garden City, Michigan, us of America. consistent with his birth date, he’s a Pisces. And, he’s 74 years aged at the instant of scripting this article.

His father’s name is Melvin Maxwell, and his mother’s name is Laura Maxwell. Everybody in his family was evangelical Christians. Unsurprisingly, John also followed his father’s path into the ministry.

Back in 1969, John completed his bachelor’s degree at Circleville Bible College. He also married within the same year. Later, he has achieved a Master of Divinity degree at the Azusa Pacific University. then , he also completed a Doctor of Ministry degree at Fuller Theological Seminary.


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