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About PureBiography

We are from the USA. Our job is to help you to know the tread celebrity biography. And their life story.
Basically, we share only their simple short information.

BioData Source

Who we find the all information about the new celebrity.
The answer is, we work hard to find this. Basically, we find all information from Wikipedia.
But when we can’t find any pieces of information on Wikipedia then we use their social media profile.
And also check on youtube and other third party websites.
But we are always trying to give you the correct information.



Yes, you can comment on our post.
You can also request us to write an article about your favorite celebrity.
But your comment must follow our rules.

  1. We don’t allow bad language.
  2. We don’t allow any type of violence.
  3. We don’t allow 18+ content’
  4. We don’t allow links to our comment section.


The truth is we collect all pictures from google or their social profile.
Because it’s impossible for us to take a picture of a celebrity.


We never collect your cookies & never collect any type of information.
But if you leave a comment on our site and if you mark yes to save your email, name, site link.
Then we’ll save your information. But it’s made my WordPress default system.
But we never share this with anyone.


As you can see, we have a secure connection on your site.
So, feel free & use our site.

Thank You.