Madelyn Cline Biography

Madelyn Cline Biography

Madelyn Cline Biography


Madelyn Cline is an American Actress. Madelyn Cline went to Los Angeles to learning activities.

But she didn’t have enough money to survive there. And that was a really bad time of her life.

She knows that she needs to work hard to survive there. Even she can’t return her home. Because she didn’t have enough money back home.

She tried a lot to forget a good job. But she failed again & again. But after all, she got a good job on a Netflix program.

And now she is successful & she’s now viral on social media for her good acting.

Now she is popular as Sarah Cameron. Because she roleplays on the Netflix series Outer Banks.


Madelyn Cline Age

She was born on 21 December 1997. And she grew up at Charleston, South Carolina.

So Madelyn Cline Age 22 years.

Madelyn Cline Life and Career

Actually she has formed Goose Creek, South Carolina. But she spends her summertime in New York.

And there she worked on a Television Series. Like: T-Mobile & Sunny D. 

She studied at Coastal Carolina University. But unfortunately, she can’t pass from there.

At that time she was only 19. She dropped out because she was busy with the media industry.

After that, she worked on Boy Erased & Taylor Watts. In 2018 she worked on Netflix’s Outer Banks.

Outer Banks published on April 15, 2020.

And Outer Banks makes her viral on social media.

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