Mr. Triple R Biography

Mr. Tripple R

Mr. Triple R Biography

Mr. Tripple R is the king of Free Fire in Bangladesh.


He is now a trend on the Bangladeshi Free Fire gameplay section.

Recently he played with Total Gaming Ajju Vai.
And it makes him more popular.

Now he has 700K subscribers on his main YouTube Channel.
He has one another YouTube channel.
And there have 71K subscribers now.
His first YouTube Channel Name: Mr. Triple R
And his second YouTube Channel Name: Mr. No Face

On his first channel, he uploads challenge type video.
And his second channel he uploads free fire montage.

Mr. Tripple R don’t want to face cam on his youtube channel.
And he never shares any kind of information about him.


He started YouTube form December 24, 2018.

  • On 18 March 2019, he got 1k subscribers on his youtube channel.
  • On 23 August 2019, he got 10K subscribers on his youtube channel.
  • On 24 October 2019, he got 50k subscribers on his youtube channel.
  • On 7 December 2019, he got 100K subscribers on his youtube channel.
  • On 9 May 2020, he got 500K subscribers on his youtube channel.
Mr. Tripple R‘s real name is Rejaur Rahman Rejvi.
His age minimum (20-25). We are not sure.
Because he nothing shares about him on social media.
He’s popular for free fire gameplay.
And he is a big fan of Ajju Vai, Amit Vai, Subrata Yt.
He has a good relationship with Illusionist YT‘s Rinku Vai.
And often we can see, they are playing free fire together.
Rinku Vai inspried him to make a youtube channel.
Because Rejvi vai played free fire very well from his beginning.
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