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Sooneeta is a YouTuber. Who play free fire and upload videos on her youtube channel.
Now she has 1.80 M subscribers in her channel.
Her full name is SOONEETA THAPA MAGAR.
Sometimes she also reviews other’s gameplay.
Recently she played with Mr. Tripple R & Desi Gamers.
And it’s made her more popular in Free Fire YouTube section.

Sooneeta was born on 25 April 1996.
And now she is 24 years old.

Some people say that she is from India.
But the sad news is that she Form Nepal.
And she lives in Nepal too.
But she knows little Hindi Language.

She read at Tribhuvan University.
She was pesticides in Miss Teen in 2017.
But She can’t win there.
And a few years ago she was cost played on Red Hot Bundle and she won there.
And she got 50000 Diamonds on Free Fire.


Soneeneeta Social Media

She is very popular in Social Media.
And now she has many fans form social media.

She has 1500K followers on her Facebook Page.

And she has 1.80 million subscribers on his Youtube Channel.

On Instagram, she has 260k Followers.

Sooneeta Net worth

She earns per month $1000-$5000.
And every month it’s increased.

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